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Interested in a seasonal touring pitch? We’ve made the process really simple.

The cost for the full 2024 season is £2,345 including water and environmental costs. Electricity is metered separately. Part season prices:

21 March – 27 May £399
28 May – 10 July £499
11 July – 31 August £950

To get you started, please complete the Seasonal Touring Agreement and we’ll drop you an email to confirm everything is set up. We take payment by direct debit and you can pay monthly or annually.

Please note that our season runs from the 1st March – 31st October inclusive. We generally turn all services on for the first Friday following March 1st.

All direct debit payments are covered by the direct debit guarantee.

Seasonal Touring Agreement


Do I need to pay separately for electric usage?2020-04-24T19:25:41+00:00

Electric usage is included in the price of your seasonal touring pitch!

How do I pay my seasonal touring fees?2020-04-24T19:25:16+00:00

Our seasonal touring fees are collected by direct debit. All you need to do is fill in the direct debit form to set up and your payment will be taken automatically.

How many months of the year can I enjoy my seasonal touring plot?2020-04-24T19:24:49+00:00

You can enjoy visiting your tourer right from the start of our season in March until the start of November

Can my friends and family come to visit and enjoy the park’s facilities?2020-04-24T19:24:13+00:00

Certainly. We would love to welcome your friends and family to the park. All we ask is that you fill out a guest slip so that we can maintain both yours and the park’s safety.

Do we need to let you know when we’re visiting?2020-04-24T19:23:38+00:00

Not at all. One of the key features of having a seasonal tourer on our site is that you can enjoy unlimited holidays at your own leisure, without the hassle of planning in advance!

Do you offer winter storage?2020-04-24T19:23:04+00:00

Yes! We offer complimentary winter storage at Brynarian when you sign up to a seasonal touring pitch with us!

Can I choose my pitch?2020-04-24T19:22:33+00:00

Of course! We have a range of pitches available to suit your every need, why not book an appointment to come and see what we have available?

What are the benifits of a seasonal touring plot at Brynarian2020-04-24T19:21:45+00:00

Imagine being able to take unlimited holidays in the peaceful sanctuary that is Brynarian. With countless beautiful walks at your fingertips and no need to plan in advance.

Can I bring my dog to Brynarian?2020-04-24T19:34:01+00:00

Brynarian is a dog friendly site! We would love to welcome your furry friends to Brynarian. The rolling fields and beautiful scenery are perfect for dog walks.

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